The Consortium

RHEA Group is leading a consortium composed of UK companies that include Environment Systems, Pixalytics, Databasix, AA International, AgriTechTalk International, HR Wallingford, Met Office, Mercy Corps, and Oxford Policy Management. The consortium will work together with international partners, including the Uganda Government Ministries, Kakira Sugar Company, and the NGO Green Dreams/iCOW, to ensure the success of the project.

"Formed in 2003 Environment Systems has come a long way, in a relatively short time, to become an established consultancy with a valued reputation using our recognised expertise in data analysis – specifically geoinformatics and earth observation."

"Pixalytics is an independent consultancy company specialising in Earth observation. We combine cutting edge scientific knowledge with satellite and airborne data to provide answers to questions about our planet’s resources and behaviour."

"We are a people-focused data consultancy, using our expertise in data collection and data protection to help organisations improve efficiency and decision-making."

"Implements contracts following direct requests from clients for our services or from winning competitive tenders"

"You might know us best as the people behind the weather forecasts that feature on TV, online and on your phone - keeping you in touch with our ever changing weather."

"Implements grant or donor-funded activities which are free at the point of delivery"

"We create breakthrough solutions by connecting people to the resources they need to strengthen their community from within."

"We deliver practical solutions to the complex water-related challenges faced by our international clients."

"Bespoke engineering solutions, systems development and security services"

"Our ambition is to make a lasting positive impact on a national, regional and global scale."